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So Goes December

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Dec. 23rd, 2010 | 08:01 pm

I've been passing the first few days of a much needed winter break rather languidly...just painting here and there.

Just Let Me Go. by =MadElfTk on deviantART

Love Like Pomegranates, a self portrait

I honestly hadn't envisioned this second piece being as nearly controversial as it was. Of course it wasn't nearly as controversial on deviantART as it was with people who intimately know me or least I thought knew me. See that's the thing with religious symbolism...the painting in brief really is supposed to symbolise a desire for unity and love at a very cursory level. The deeper level has a lot of personal symbolism to me...the conflict of two different faiths/moral backgrounds...the conflict of secularism against piousness bordering on fanaticism between myself (the somewhat overt secularist) and someone I really, really like...but I didn't even go into that in the explanation I offered to others about the painting. It just made me really realise that I censor about 60% of whatever I share with my parents, especially my mother. I've just come to accept that she's older and stuck in her ways and beliefs. I mean even today, we were sitting at a table for lunch reading two copies of Scene, NE Ohio's attempt at a counterculture zine (think The Village Voice but much, much smaller and not as good). She royally freaks out the moment she turns the page to an article on the Cleveland Freethinkers.

Her words exactly, "Atheists. I don't understand how people can't believe in God. That's nothing but the Devil. Stay away from them."

I retort with a nervous nod from my side because not only do *I* associate with them, I am a member of KSU's Freethinkers, and yes, am practically an atheist myself. I like to describe myself as a Catholic Atheist half of the time. I believe in the spirit of what religion is supposed to do...the good works and spreading love and care...but you can keep the dogma and hate that it spreads. It was just a disheartening moment for me...realising that I could never be half as open with my friends and family as I'd ever like to be. She never even saw my painting in full; I knew better than to show her that. I didn't want to deal with a heart attack...but she took one look at the part focusing on my face and asked if I was suicidal because there was a grenade where my mouth should be. Sometimes I wonder if we're speaking two different languages...me explaining the symbolism of love conquering hate hence the written script on top of it was entirely lost on her. She can be so exceptionally thick that it's maddening. It's a slightly similar story with some friends I have at KSU as well. You'd think that you'd encounter more fanatics in a private single-gender Catholic high school than you would in a liberal state university, but you know what they say about assumptions. I'm not going to bother going into that, but let me share something actually makes me happy.

The Slackers

Now if you're a ska fan...then this should make you happy as well! I can't believe that I didn't discover this band until now. Now go give them a listen.

Ludicrous video, wonderful band, great sound.

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