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Writer's Block: That's good eating

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Nov. 28th, 2010 | 05:10 pm
mood: awakeawake

Ramen Noodles. Such a meal is completely unhealthy, I know...and not exactly good "home-cooking" when you'd think of a classic childhood dish, but it was one of the first meals my parents trusted me to make on my own. I remember it tasting absolutely amazing, but after moving onto better and more complicated things in the cooking arena, when I came back to that classic meal one lazy evening, it was quite lacklustre. I started experimenting, trying to enhance it by fooling around with other spices but to no avail it was still incredibly bland. A few years and a bigger city later, I learned the difference between fresh ramen and the dried mass-produced Maruchan brand after paying a visit to a quaint little noodle shop downtown. So more or less, ramen is still an amazing childhood meal for me.

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